Global Distributors is the logical choice for all of your secondary market needs. The biggest manufacturers sell to us for the following reasons:
  1. A proven reputation for protecting our partner's brand merchandise from diversion or interference with regular distribution channels. 

  2. The ability to send P.O. immediately to ensure that you are never burdened with accumulation of excessive inventory.

  3. The proven ability and willingness to take on inventory of any size.

  4. The proven ability to prepay for any amount of inventory, at any time.

  5. Our existing distribution centers’ around the country having the capability to facilitate immediate receipt of inventory from any distribution centers.
Hear From Our Satisfied Vendors

We are always well prepared and eager to purchase your inventory as soon as it is made available and in the largest quantity offered to us. You're working with 30 years of industry leading expertise when you sell to Global Distributors.

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