Plus White Sensitive Care System
  • Starts to Whiten in 5 Minutes: Plus White Sensitive Whitening System starts bleaching teeth within the first 5 minutes of application and you'll see dramatically whiter, brighter teeth within days.
  • Everything you need to quickly start whitening your teeth in the comfort of your home is included in this kit.
  • Plus White Sensitive Whitening Gel contains a bleaching ingredient for fast and effective whitening that is non-abrasive to your enamel.
  • Patented Stainguard Rinse: The only at home whitening kit for sufferers of sensitive teeth that allows you to help your teeth get whiter and keep stains from reappearing with our special Stain guard rinse.
Plus White Sensitive System is the only whitening system for gentle enamel bleaching specially formulated for people who suffer from sensitive teeth or gums. Whitens beneath the surface of the enamel while being easy on your teeth.

Call now to confirm pricing & availability: (209) 632-6106. 
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