Emergen-C Hydration+ Lemon Lime 18 Count

  • Emergen-C Hydration+ is made with key electrolytes to replenish you and Vitamin C to fortify you
  • The new product features as much potassium as a banana
  • Emergen-C Hydration+ in Lemon-Lime Twist flavor has 75% lower sugar than the leading sports drink
  • Each delicious packet of Emergen-C Hydration+ contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners, gluten free and non-GMO ingredients
Emerge Hydrated. Hit the pavement, crush a kettleball set, and flow through your favorite yoga sequence to get your blood moving, heart pumping, and, of course, skin sweating. Sweating is critical to keeping your body temperature regulated; but with each drop of perspiration, you're losing electrolytes and fluids! So, in order to stay hydrated, it's important to keep your water bottle filled during and after your workout. Emergen-C Hydration+ is the smart way to fill your water bottle.
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