Healthy Delights Probiotic Gems 30 Serving Pouch
  • Staying healthy never tasted so good with healthy delights probiotic dark chocolate bites.
  • Probiotics are a popular way to help with restoring your body's digestive health and immune health.
  • Dark chocolate is an Antioxidant-Rich super food with numerous health benefits.
  • Healthy delights dark chocolate bites are a delicious way for the whole family to take advantage of better digestive health with 1 billion live culture per serving.
  • All Healthy Delights Bites are backed by our 100% Guarantee you will love the taste.
How can a delicious snack food with a crunchy candy shell and dark chocolate center
be a great way restore digestive balance and support immune health? The answer
might surprise you as each tasty serving of Healthy Delights Naturals Probiotic Dark
Chocolate Bites deliver 1 billion CFU’s of probiotics‡. That’s enough beneficial nutrients to help you restore digestive balance and support immune health.* A crunchy candy shell and delicious dark chocolate center hide a powerfully nutritious secret. Designed to be just like candy, this taste sensation has such great flavor and crunchy texture, you’ll feel like you are cheating.

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