GLISS Treatment / Shampoo / Conditioner 18 ct Sidekick

  •         Gliss Ultimate Repair Shampoo 13.6 fl oz
  •         Gliss Ultimate Repair Conditioner 13.6 fl oz
  •         Gliss Ultra Moisture Shampoo 13.6 fl oz
  •         Gliss Ultra Moisture Conditioner 13.6 fl oz
  •         Gliss Ultimate Repair Express Repair Conditioner 6.8 oz
  •         Gliss Ultra Moisture Treatment 6.1 oz
  •         Gliss Oil Nutritive Weightless Oil 5.1 oz

Deliver extreme repair to your hair with Gliss Hair Repair Ultimate Repair. Deep reconstruction leaves your hair restored and comfortable. Replace lost keratin and strengthen severely weakened hair with three times the liquid keratin of other Gliss hair repair lines. Enjoy hair with more shine that is up to 90% stronger than untreated hair. Precisely repair heavily damaged hair with these extra-strength, high-performance formulated products.

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