Energizer® 2AA PivotPro Light

An innovative twist on the traditional flashlight. The head on our Energizer® Hard Case® Professional LED Swivel Light pivots 125º to direct bright LED light exactly where you need it.

  • Consumer-inspired design – ideal for Pro and DIY users
  • Designed to last 25 years; backed by a full lifetime guarantee
  • Custom designed optics deliver a wide, intense beam
  • Head pivots 175° to aim light where it’s needed
  • Versatile design features a magnetic base & compact body
  • Tool-quality construction and advanced LED technology
  • Exceptionally durable and weather-resistant
  • Survives drops up to 7 meters and features a shatterproof lens
  • Pivoting head flashlight includes two AA Energizer® MAX® batteries

Call now to confirm pricing & availability: (209) 632.6106.
Global Distributors Inc.

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